Risk Management

ADEM Consulting aims to identify, evaluate and classify the risks facing its clients, whether the threat are Mines, Explosives Remnant of War or Improvised Explosives Devices.

We help to reduce these risks to mitigate impact on operations.


  • Desktop Study and Risk Assessment: It is the overall process comprising a Risk Analysis (Identify hazards and estimation of the Risk) and a Risk Evaluation (Tolerable Risk).
  • Threat Assessment: Evaluating the potential aggressors and the types of tactics that they are most likely to employ.
  • Physical Security Assessment: Consisting of an evaluation of the existing countermeasures. It generally includes suggestions for upgrades to existing countermeasures, as required to meet a desired protection goal.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Quantifying the potential impact from specific threat scenarios based on existing or planned conditions. It should evaluate potential damage to assets and injury to people from each attack scenario. This provides a baseline for determining the potential benefits from various security and/or structural upgrades.

This includes buildings, offices, Oil & Gas Industry, Hotels & Resorts, Air Safety and other infrastructure needing protection.