Technical Consultancy

ADEM Consulting provides technical support and expertise in identifying problems of its clients and making appropriate proposals for Demining, for Remediation and for Explosives Search and Detection Dogs.


  • Audit, External Quality Assurance / Quality Control of Demining and Canine capacity: It is the assessment of the adequacy of management controls to ensure the economic and efficient use of resources (Cost effectiveness), the safeguarding of assets (Vehicles, equipment), the reliability of financial (Financial strength) and other information; the compliance with regulations, rules and established policies; the effectiveness of risk management; and the adequacy of organisational structures, systems and processes (HSE) ;
  • Advice and Assistance in drafting tender and in the selection of Demining and Canine companies;
  • Medical (MRP) and Standard Operating Procedures writing: These are the instructions that define the preferred or currently established method of conducting an operational task or activity;
  • Technical and Commercial Proposal writing;
  • International Project Management. ADEM offers robust project management skills to ensure projects are completed on budget and on time.


  • Mine/ERW and Bomb Threats Awareness & Training: Activities, which seek to reduce the risk of injury from mines/ERW and Bomb Threats (IED) by raising awareness of personnel in accordance with their vulnerabilities, roles and needs.